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York Pole Dance Academy Group Lessons 


We teach authentic style pole dance on both static and spinning poles. This means you will be learning a mixture of flowing dance moves, heel bangs, floor work, low flow, spins on the pole, static holds on the pole, tricks and inverted moves.

Class Timetable 

Please contact for availability

Monday Evenings 6.15pm & 7.15pm

Cost: £10.00 per person for a 1 hour lesson

Beginner Courses: £60.00 per person for 6x 1 hour lessons


Make sure you read the booking information, T&Cs and Health & Safety Information before you attend your lesson 



Once you have the foundations in place, you are ready to join our improvers class. Similar to beginners this level builds on the skills you have learnt so far. You will link together more complex combinations and authentic style transitions. We are now ready to introduce performance techniques as everything falls in place and you gain in confidence. You will have gained in strength whilst in beginners and will be ready to start working on inverting and climbing up the pole.


Your lesson will incorporate posture and performance, body conditioning, strengthning and flexibility so that you are building all the skills you need to progress.


Before progressing you will have Carousel arm only spins under your belt. You will master a basic invert along with an inverted crucifix, where you hold on to the pole with just your legs. You should be able to climb the pole comfortably and your dancing and flow will be at a level where you can comfortably link together dancing with lower pole flow and floorwork. This may sound like a lot to complete. Don't worry. There is no timescale and you can stay at this level as long as you need.



By now everything should be falling into place. you will be stronger than you ever imagined possible.  You will be dancing all over the place linking complex  floor work, lower pole flow and true authentic style dancing together with harder holds and a whole host of different inverted moves in stripper heels, which have probably got much higher! As moves become more advanced you will need to invest more training time to attain the more difficult moves.

Your lesson will incorporate posture and performance, body conditioning, strengtning and flexibility so that you are building all the skills you will need to progress.

Before progressing you will master one handed spins, you will be comfortable to perform both freestyle and set routines authentic style to a high level. You will be able to aerial invert and shoulder mount.  Your flexibility will be well on the way to achieving a split, again there  is no rush to progress. You can spend time working on increasing your flexibility gradually whilst you acomplish moves such as aerial teddys and single leg hangs.

Many of our students are happy to remain at this level and have no desire to chase moves that shock, tricks that defy gravity and inverts that require the splits.

Complete Beginners

Beginner lessons and courses at York Pole Dance Academy are for first-timers with no experience of pole dance. Here you will learn the foundations of pole dancing. We will cover spins and holds along with dancing and flow. You will be introduced to floorwork and lower pole flow. 

Your lesson will incorporate posture, body conditioning, strengthening and flexibility so that you are building the skills you will need to progress. 

Before progressing you will master spins such as fireman spin and showgirl backwards spin along with movement around the pole and body isolations such as body ripples.  

You will be heel banging in no time!


Focus Classes: Sexy Flexy                                                                                                       


This class is designed to increase strength and improve flexibility. Sexy Flexy complements your pole journey perfectly. We are certified specifically in stretch and flexibility for pole. This class is aimed at students who feel that they require more flexibility or would like to work towards the splits. We will provide you with information about the benefits and risks of being flexible and of flexibility training. We work through a full range of different stretches finishing in a stretch for splits routine and cool down. This is a mat based class with equipment such as yoga mats and blocks provided.


Lets's take it to another level! You will be linking inverts on both static and spin pole. The inverted moves you are learning will include splits on the pole such as Jade splits. Your inverted shoulder mounts will progress to impressive Brass Monkeys and Eros. You will have your own dance style and you will be twerking, heel banging and splitting all over the place. There will be no stopping you!

Your lesson will incorporate posture and performance, body conditioning, strengtning and flexibility so that you are building all the skills you will need to progress.


Sass Class

This class is all about the ass. Join our York Pole Wobble Squad and learn how to twerk. During your lesson you will learn the correct twerking technique and then you will build stamina and confidence in this fast paced fun class. Twerking is fun and can be done on the pole, on the floor and in handstands. This is a sassy lesson that is all about the Ass. We cover twerking, rolling and popping. You will be working on a mix of technique and professionally choreographed routines.