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Host One Of Our Stripper Style Workshops 

York Pole Dance Academy offer a full range of authentic stripper style workshops available to host in your studio. The workshops that we offer cater to students of all abilities. Inspired by years of experience performing in clubs combined with 14+ years teaching experience.


We hope to send each and every workshop atendee away having acomplished something new and feeling inspired to keep on practicing the more complex moves introduced. We want to make stripper style accessible to all. We want to show students how to achieve the polished professional finish to their routines.


Our workshops are 2.5hrs long. We are perfectionists and we are passionate about students progressing so we like to spend quality time helping each and every student. 

As PDC instructors we ask that you have no more than 3 students per pole. We provide our own music and sound system. We ask each student to comply to our health and safety regulations which includes completing a PARQ (preperation and readiness to exercise questionnaire) upon arrival.

Contact us for more details or to host a workshop at your studio.

'Twerkshop' With York Pole 

Become one of our York Pole Wobble Squad with this sassy workshop that is all about the ass.


During the workshop you will learn the correct twerking technique  which we then build into choreographed mini routines, giving you time to really practice your technique with lots of advice and tips. This is a high energy, fast paced fun workshop to a great soundtrack.


Twerking is fun and can be done on the pole, on the floor and in handstands. We cover twerking, rolling, isolations and popping.


The workshop includes a technical section on crocodiles too which is always a massive hit.  


Please bring along shorts, trainers, heels and knee pads

Suitable for all abilities  

Workshop length 2.5 hours 

Minimum 8 people

UK Cost to host;  £25 pp 

International POA 

'For Your Eyes Only' Workshop

Our most popular workshop ''For Your Eyes Only'' is just so us! It is what we are all about and we want to share it with you! 

York Pole's signature workshop. Lianne and Marisa will teach you how to finish your dancing to a professional stripper style level. Both ex-dancers and pole performers. We are the real deal and bring to you all the tricks of the trade. We love heels, heel bangs, eye contact and old school slinky stripper-ness. We teach you how to OWN THE STAGE!

During the course of your workshop you will learn 2 mini routines which includes holds and spins.

Marisa will teach a choreo routine which will focus on slowing things down, sexy fierceness, eye contact, performing and engaging your audience. Marisa will really focus on finishing, polishing and taking your dancing to the next level. This is all about giving your audience an intense experience. making them want to look away but hypnotising them so that they can't take their eyes off you. 

Lianne's choreo routine focuuses on slinkyness, and sultry hand and eye leading to captivate your audience. Lianne's rock routine is full of attitude, powerful, furious and in your face, bang, bang, bang!! HOT. 

Although the routines are strongly stripper based, teaching performance and attitude, we are both extremely friendly and make the workshop fun and achievable. This workshop will have your audience eating out of your hands. It is ideal for dancers or performers wanting to gain more confidence. 

This workshop comes highly recomended from our own students who have used our techniques to place in the following competitions:

The Authentics 2017 Beginners - 1st Place

The Authentics 2017 Beginners - 2nd Place

The Authentics 2016 Beginners - 2nd Place

The Authentics 2016 Beginners - 3rd Place.

Please bring along heels and shorts 

Suitable for all abilities 

Workshop length 2.5 hours 

Minimum 8 people

UK Cost to host;  £25 pp 

International POA 

'Nasty Floor' Workshop

Working the floor is a fundamental part of authentic style pole dancing. This is an old school floor work workshop and is designed to be a good basic introduction to including floor work in your pole routines. We cover all the basics - panthers, crawls, leg twirls, diamonds, heel bangs and fish flops. We work through the basics and then look at variations to really give your floor work the authentic look. We link it all together into a flowing liquid routine.

This is a NO pole floor work only workshop. Please bring along leggings/shorts, knee pads and heels. 

Suitable for all abilities

Workshop length 2.5 hours 

UK cost to host £25pp

minimum 8 students 

International POA 

Hello Russia! Russian Style Choreo Workshop (New for 2020) 

Russian exotic is one of our biggest influences. We love it with a passion and we want to bring it to you. This workshop introduces you to Russian style pole. You can expect legs, legs, legs and lots of low pole flow with lots of Russian influence thrown in there. 

It is a really nice introduction to authentic style in the Russian style. 

You will need to bring shorts & leggings, heels and knee pads. 

Suitable for all abilities

Workshop length 2.5hrs 

Minimum 8 students

UK cost to host £25 pp 

International POA 

Workshop T&Cs 

  • Please contact us to book a workshop with York Pole. 

  • Please make sure that your numbers comply with PDC - maximum of 3 students per pole 

  • We do not require a deposit. Full payment is due on the day of the workshop

  • Workshops can be cancelled with 2 weeks notice

  • York Pole reserve the right to cancel at any point due to unforseen circumstances.

  • York Pole ask all students to complete a PARQ form. 

  • Workshops can be customised to suit you. Contact us to discuss

  • York Pole workshops are available nationally across the UK. 

  • Workshops are also available internationally depending on visas.